Special Cables


Special Cables

In addition 10 these cables, we also produce cables according to the special and specific requirement of the Customer, such cables are as follows:

* In-door Telephone cablcs/lntercom Cables confirming to BSS3573 to upto 100 Pairs.

* Control Cables 600/1000 Volts In PVC/XLPE Insulation confirming to BS:6346 & IEC-60502.

* Cables with special features such as Watertight Cables, Cables with Fire Retardant PVC confirming IEC 332-3A & 3C, and LSF Cables confirming to BS 6724.

* Flexible Submersible Cables (Three Core Flat) 600/1OOOV confirming to BS:4109, BS:6360, BS:6346 and BS:7655 up to 35mm2.

* Ariel bundle Cables (ABC) is d Low Voltage Cable Insulated Insulated in XLPE used to replace Over head Conductors and as an effective tool to control Power Theft.

* All ABC cables are produced according to IEC 60502 & IEC 60540 ICEA S66524.