About Ocean Wires & Cables Co.


OCEAN WIRES AND CABLES CO is a authorized Distributor & Stockist of H.M.ESMAIL & COMPANY manufacturer of H.M.CABLES. We maintain large stock of cables for prompt delivery & our range is as under:

1. Submersible cables.
2. Power cables (armoured / unarmoured & flexible).
3. Control Cables (armoured / unarmoured & flexible).
4. Copper conductors. (A.B.C, H.D.B.C & flexible conductors).
5. Telephone cables. (PVC or PE insulated cables (01 to 200 pairs armoured / unarmoured).
6. Any other special cable as per requirement of and customer.

h.m.cable.products-small We not only a good reputation, but are also recommended by our valuable customers.

Brief History

Started as a small family business under the name of Pacific Wires and Cables, we have been dealing with electrical cables and supplies. As pioneers in our field, we boast being the first and only authorized dealers & stockist of H.M. Cables. Our services encompass, but are not limited to, copper wire, telephone cables, timers, magnetic contractors, and breakers.

Our Products

Power-cables cable-tubing-products general-wires electric-cable-wire submersible-cables house-wires telephone-cables Copper-conductors